Heavy Equipment Shipping – Things To Know

10 Nov 2017 George Hamlet

If you adhere to some factors when it comes to the shipping of heavy equipment, the process can be done efficiently and smoothly. It starts will the selection of the right transport for this heavy equipment. You can get adequate transport facilities from Gecko Logistics, as per www.autoexpress.co.uk.
When you decide about the transport, you need to check the freight insurance. Mostly equipment is shipped on a trailer or a flatbed. According to the size of the equipment, the transport can vary. There are a lot of options available when it comes to the shipment of heavy equipment. Let us see the different options below.

One of the common ways used in the heavy equipment shipping is the flatbed hauling. These come with sufficient carriers as well. In most cases, people will prefer a flatbed as it is sufficient for most of the heavy equipment. Different sizes of flatbeds are available. Not only size but different capacities of flatbeds are also there for the shipment. Some flatbeds can carry a lot of weight and also allows loading quite easily. Whenever you select a flatbed for the shipping; you should first check the capacity of the flatbed and if it can handle the weight.

If you plan to ship the equipment to a place which is near you, then towing will be a good option. Do not opt for it, if you don’t have enough knowledge about the equipment. Different tow trucks which are accustomed only to handling heavy equipment are available with the towing companies. If towing does not seem to be a good option, then you can opt for special trailers. This will be a good option if the equipment is oversized. Double drop trailers, as well as step deck trailers, can allow the equipment to be transported easily. Check with the transport provider about the permits and other considerations which needs to be taken care of.

Roll on or Roll off are the most common ways for vehicle shipment. The equipment will be driven on and off with the help of ramps. Else, you can also choose flat rack container. The function of the flat rack is quite similar to the flatbed. For overseas shipment, it is best to disassemble the equipment and assemble it after you reach the destination. The transport to the warehouse should be arranged by you. If you do not disassemble the equipment, it will be hard to transport, and it can also result in some damages in the equipment which could bring loss to you.

It is important that you select a good and a qualified transporting company so that all your expectations, as well as needs, can be completed. Check with them whether they have got the freight insurance and the other services they can provide. It is also important to check whether the transporter can help you in loading and unloading the equipment. Also, check with them whether you need to complete any forms or any other things before you start the shipping. Once everything gets cleared, it can be assured that the equipment will reach the destination safely.

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